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Race Day Do's and Don'ts

by Brandi Gilbert
Over the past few years, Official Blogger Brandi Gilbert has lived and learned a lot through her race day experiences. While she cannot tell you everything to do during race week, a few "Do's and Don'ts" are always a good thing to remember while prepping for your big race. Read more

How to Survive Taper Week

by Becky Willis
It is time to taper, which is an extremely important part of your training. And Official Blogger Becky Willis has a little secret - this is the toughest part of it all. Check out her tips to learn how to survive and thrive during taper week! Read more

Run, Eat, Burgh: Where to Train, Fuel Up and Celebrate in Pittsburgh

by Deanna Tomaselli
Race Weekend is almost here! From the the family-friendly and pet-friendly events to the big enchilada, there will be a ton of action in the 'Burgh all weekend long. Speaking of enchiladas, Official Blogger Deanna knows all the best spots where you can eat, play and more on race weekend. Read more

Five Running Myths Debunked

by Courtney Poullas
Now that you are knee-deep into spring race training, Official Blogger Courtney Poullas knows you've probably read a lot about running and have received a lot of training advice. With so much information floating around, you're bound to get confused! Follow along as she debunks five running myths. Read more

Yoga, Gym Workouts and Other Cross Training to Help Your Running

by Armando Martinez
Don't just look at across training day in your training plan as a rest day. Official Blogger Armando Martinez says visit the local gym or swimming pool, and there's also plenty of stuff you can do at home. When you cross the finish line, all that time spent on cross training will be worth it! Read more

Register for the Marathon

pittsburgh marathon
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