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Take the Corporate Challenge: Robin's Story

by Robin Henry
I didn't truly believe wellness programs could help people adopt and maintain healthy behaviors until I was the one making changes and reaping the benefits. Chevron and the Corporate Challenge provided the right resources, motivation and social support to help me lead a healthier, active lifestyle. Read more

In The Long Run, It's Worth It!

by Karl Gruber
Almost every runner that has trained for and completed a full marathon has sworn, "I will never do one of these again!" Coach Karl Gruber knows why... RUNNING A MARATHON IS HARD! Still, it's important to remember why you chose a marathon in the first place and the many benefits of running. Read more

What Moves You: Share Your Story

by Erin Carlin
All runners share a remarkable bond, but everyone's running journey is different. We want to celebrate what moves YOU to run and be part of the 2019 DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events! Read more

Getting Your Mileage In

by Karl Gruber
Coach Karl Gruber has always encouraged runners to get your required training miles in - and maybe even a bit extra - to achieve your desired goal half or full marathon time. It's all about putting in the needed work to achieve the results you want. Read more

Run for a Reason: Kiera's Story

by Erin Carlin
Running a marathon had always been on her bucket list, but Kiera didn't want her first ever marathon to be just about her. She decided to run for a reason, registering as a Parkinson Foundation of Western Pennsylvania charity runner to honor family members affected by Parkinson's disease. Read more

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