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Training Tips: Race Day Fears and How to Overcome Them

by Karl Gruber
A race can seem like a gargantuan goal. Of course, the best way to overcome your fear of racing is to train properly! Take the necessary time to slowly and progressively build up your running fitness and endurance so that your doubts will become a non-factor. Read more

We All Need a Little Support

by Chuck Hull
Official Blogger Chuck Hull has reasons why he runs. So do his running buddies and that's why he wants to share their stories with you. Learn why Chuck thinks it's important to have support when you run and how his running buddies group help one another achieve their goals. Read more

Training Tips: Running Smart and Safely

by Karl Gruber
Learning how to stay safe during a run will save you from incidents, accidents, trauma or issues that could result in injury. We want to see you come across the finish line healthy, happy and alive, so be aware, be smart and be safe during every one of your training runs and races. Read more

Experience VICTORY X10 in the City of Champions

by DICK'S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon
The Pirates, Penguins and Steelers give Pittsburgh many reasons to be proud, but our nickname extends well beyond their respective sports. Register today so you get a chance to experience VICTORY X10 alongside winning athletes in the City of Champions. Read more

You Have to Learn Nutrition Basics First

by Nick Fischer
Planning your pre and post-workout meals without nailing nutrition basics is similar to trying to do long division and having never learned how to count. You have to learn nutrition basics first to ensure your general eating habits are varied, balanced and moderate. Read more

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