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Molly's Story

"Together, we will make cancer a thing of the past and write a better story. WE BELIEVE." Read more

The Importance of Gait Analysis

by Courtney Poullas
Read to learn what P3Runner Courtney Poullas has to say about the importance of gait analysis. Read more

Nick's Story

Nick Romano has always been an avid snow skier, water skier, biker, and even dirt bike rider. With a passion for outdoor sports, he was constantly staying active outside and enjoying nature. Read more

Open Letter to Those Looking for a Spring Marathon or Half-Marathon: Come Experience Pittsburgh with Me!

by Jeff Paladina
Guest Blog featuring P3Runner Jeff Paladina. Read to find out why YOU should #MOVEPittsburgh with us this May! Read more


Caroline's Story of Running For A Reason Read more

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