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Preventing Occupational Imbalance

by Madi Douglas
I'm a current graduate student studying occupational therapy at the University of Pittsburgh. My coursework is centered around "occupations" and the how important they are in leading a balanced and meaningful life. Read more

Run Your Own Race

by Jeff Paladina
Ask any veteran runner advice for race day, and you are likely to hear the oft-used maxim, "Run Your Own Race." It means what it says. Read more

Running Isn't Over Until We Say It Is

by Jeff Paladina
We don't run just for fun - we run to live. Running isn't over until we say it is over. Read more

Open Letter to Those Looking for a Spring Marathon or Half-Marathon: Come Experience Pittsburgh with Me!

by Jeff Paladina
Guest Blog featuring P3Runner Jeff Paladina. Read to find out why YOU should #MOVEPittsburgh with us this May! Read more